At Tableau, we are committed to showcasing Louisiana’s rich culinary traditions. This means utilizing the incredible bounty of ingredients available in our region. Below is a sampling of the wonderful farmers and food artisans that provide us with the best local ingredients available.

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Falcon Rice Mill

Falcon Rice Mill



Falcon Rice Mill is the only family run rice mill in the country. They produce the unique Cajun Country popcorn rice featured on our menu.


Located in Crowley, Louisiana since 1942, the Falcon rice mill also produces quality rice products such as Toro, Falcon, Home Country, Laredo, and Jackpot. Combined, our hands-on, family-run operation is producing over 900,000 CWT hundred weights a year around the country.


The hard work and dedication set forth by the company's founders, Edward and Evelyn Falcon, has been carried on throughout the family by continuing to provide a varied line of quality rice products grown, milled, and packaged by the people of Louisiana

  • 616 St. Peter Street, New Orleans, LA 70116 Tel: 504.934.3463
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