At Tableau, we are committed to showcasing Louisiana’s rich culinary traditions. This means utilizing the incredible bounty of ingredients available in our region. Below is a sampling of the wonderful farmers and food artisans that provide us with the best local ingredients available.

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Chappapeela Farms

Chappapeela Farms



Located on 40 acres in the small town of Husser Louisiana is a very special little farm. Catering to some of the most impressive culinary artists in the south, Chappapeela farms produces table ducks and pork for the great chefs of New Orleans. The pork and duck of Chappapeela Farms is celebrated for their unique flavor and rich fat. 


Produced with pride, the free range duck and hogs of Chappapeela farms receive the best when it comes to nutrition and care. Currently, Chappapeela Farms harvests 1,000 ducks a week and maintains a herd of 40 sows.


Chappapeela Farms is family-owned and operated.  They are committed to working locally, from buying fuel at a small independent stations to getting feed milled at the local farmers cooperative.  Sustainability to them means being profitable and adding to the value chain of surrounding businesses.   Using the best principals of animal science, some of the older methods of pasture rearing hogs and poultry, this farm is truly one of a kind!

  • 616 St. Peter Street, New Orleans, LA 70116 Tel: 504.934.3463
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