At Tableau, we are committed to showcasing Louisiana’s rich culinary traditions. This means utilizing the incredible bounty of ingredients available in our region. Below is a sampling of the wonderful farmers and food artisans that provide us with the best local ingredients available.

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Brown's Dairy

Brown's Dairy



Our dairy products, including milk, cream and buttermilk, are supplied by Brown's Dairy.


Brown's Dairy® boasts a history that's rich in heritage and tradition. Founded in New Orleans in 1905 as Brown's Velvet Dairy, it still uses "Smooth as Velvet" to describe its delicious family of milk products. Over the years, Brown's has grown steadily. The company still believes that there is no substitute for the freshness, richness, and flavor that quality ingredients give to its products.


Quality is the hallmark of Brown's, and accounts for the strong demand for Brown's Dairy products from a loyal consumer base. It is one of the most prominent milk and beverage companies in the South. Brown's Dairy proudly serves the four state Gulf Coast regions of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

  • 616 St. Peter Street, New Orleans, LA 70116 Tel: 504.934.3463
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