At Tableau, we are committed to showcasing Louisiana’s rich culinary traditions. This means utilizing the incredible bounty of ingredients available in our region. Below is a sampling of the wonderful farmers and food artisans that provide us with the best local ingredients available.

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P & J Oysters

P & J Oysters



As one of the leaders in the United States oyster industry, P&J’s oysters represent the gold standard, and we are proud to feature them on our menus. P&J cultivates and harvests superior oysters that are consistently recognized for their uncompromising freshness and quality of flavor.


Founded in 1876, P&J has been the premiere source of Gulf Coast oysters for over 125 years. No instition has done more to advance the oyster industry of South Louisiana than P&J. 


The story of P&J begins many thousands of miles from New Orleans-in Croatia, a region that was once part of Yugoslavia. For the inhabitants of the Croatian villages strung along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, fishing was a way of life for thousands of years. Many generations of them also traveled throughout the Mediterranean as seafarers to practice their trade. In the mid-1800s a large number of Croatian fishermen and their families began migrating to America. Many of them found their way to the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana. Among these was John Popich, who settled near New Orleans. Like many of his countrymen, Popich quickly became an oyster fisherman, plying the waters of the Gulf of Mexico to cultivate and harvest the fresh shellfish that was always in high demand in the homes, restaurants and oyster saloons of New Orleans and its environs.

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